Mozart Project Blog!

5 Dec

In the Summer of 2007, I started illustrating the operas of Mozart through photography. I have finished roughly two thirds of this project.

The life’s blood of the project is the nearly one hundred men and women, boys and girls, who have joined me on my adventure as models, stylists and assistants. I could not do it with out their interest and passion.

In order to complete my vision I have had to learn some things, like textiles, historical costuming, millinery(!), and photoshop (Corel) techniques. This blog was set up to chronicle the things I’ve learned and to show off the things I make for the project and some of the techniques I’ve used to make them!

Mozart's Face

W. A. Mozart wrote a whole hell of a lot of music before he died.

Mozart wrote 24 operas, three of which are fragments, in addition he wrote 2 cantatas and 2 other musical dramas. There are 29 plays that I will be illustrating in total. I am illustrating one scene from each act of every play, whether Mozart completed the setting or not. This will yield around 100 images. My goal is to publish a book when the project is finished!

In order to finish the project I need:

Translators and Texts

  • A Translation of the Act two Synopsis of L’oca Del Cairo (Italian to English)
  • An Agent or Publisher
  • Around $5,000 (Buy my stuff on Etsy! to support my project!)

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