You Can Help Places go places!

9 Apr

The Barker brothers are three musicians who have always been supportive of my Mozart Project and I thought I’d share some info about their bands’ new fund raising project. The brothers are in a band called “Places“, which is a rock band with seven members. Seven sexy and attractive members, I might add, because I know you’re wondering.

The Seven Sexy band-mates from Places: Drew, Brian, Tyler, Branden, Jordan, Jon, Checkers II

This summer, their band needs your help to record their new album, and then go on a charity tour (Reach Across America) across the Americas to play their music and gather Baseball (and other sports) equipment for less fortunate youngsters in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Youngsters who are, no doubt, sick of playing catch with sticks.

Each of the Barker brothers has appeared in my photos, Checkers and Branden in “La Finta Semplice”, and Drew in “Die Entfuhrung aus Dem Serail”

La Finta Semplice by Tyson Vick

La Finta Semplice by Tyson Vick, Branden Barker on the top, Checkers Barker II on the bottom left with Jason.

Places, and the Barker brothers, would love your help. At the Places Fundraiser website, you can donate money to help them with their album and charity work!

Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail by Tyson vick.

Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail by Tyson vick.

The best part of their fund raiser, however, is what you get in return for your donation.

Now, I’m not kidding here.

It starts out small and innocuous. For small donations you get mp3s and mp3 albums, which is cool.

But as the donations grow, you can get yourself some pretty awesome returns, including being wined-and-dined by all seven guys, going on movie dates with them, getting private concerts, and perhaps best of all, having barbecues with their parents. The websites worth visiting just to read what you can get in return for thousand dollar donations.

It’s pretty awesome.

La Finta Semplice Outtake

Jason Lengstorf (Right), paragon of masculine beauty, points out the way to the Places Fund Raising website to Checkers Barker II, the drummer from the band. (Or, just an outtake from my La Finta Semplice Shoot. Either way is good.)

Before their trip to Central and South America, Places will be giving free concerts across North America, which, as their website states, will connect them with their fellow Americans through their music, and America’s favorite Pastime, ROCK! (Or maybe baseball. I don’t know. I’ve never really done sports, and the site doesn’t make it explicit.)

Finally, I’ll leave you with this Entfuhrung outtake!

Kiss the Barker. Touch the Barker. Donate funds.


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