18th Century Vests for sale in my Etsy Shop!

12 Apr

18th Century vests are a very popular item in my Etsy Store, so in order to make some money for my upcoming trip to LA with Roman, I decided to make a batch and put them up for sale! If you or your friends need some pirate-y, colonial, or Marie Antoinette-ish outfits, this is the shop for it!  Here are some of the items I’ve made and put up:

Roman, Modeling the vests

This ivory chenille vest has metal buttons, and is very heavy duty. This one should definitely be worn outdoors!

Ivory Chenille 18th Century Waistcoat

The red Brocade vest looks very oriental.

Red Brocade 18th Century Waistcoat

I used a nice Sari fabric as the lining, and lined up the edge on the back so that a nice sari border would appear!

Sari Fabric was used for the back of the vest, giving it a nice edge border.

The plum purple and green vest follows. I’ve heard it said the purple and lime green are the most popular selling colors of fabric at JoAnn’s in Nebraska!

Purple and Green Brocade 18th Century Vest

This brown waistcoat looks like something Benjamin Franklin would wear!

Light Brown Brocade 18th Century Vest

I made two dark brocade vests. The pattern is aligned slightly different on each, but I think this fabric looks the most pirate-y!

Brown Brocade 18th Century Vest

This red cotton print damask feels so nice to touch! It’s very high quality cotton.

Red Damask 18th Century Waistcoat

Roman liked to model the green vest the best. For some reason, it made him laugh. Here he gives the peace sign:

Green 18th Century vest

Here’s the other dark brocade vest. I used silk covered buttons on this, and the purple one.

Another Brown Brocade 18th Century Vest


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