Eugenia’s Costume from The Disappointed Bridegroom (Lo Sposo Deluso)

30 Apr

Last week I talked about Mozart’s “Lo Sposo Deluso” and how it was one of the photos that, after I learned how to make clothes, I decided to re-shoot. I also promised to show you Eugenia’s costume this week!

First, let’s start with an image of Eugenia from “Lo Sposo Deluso”:

Eugenia from Lo Sposo Deluso by Tyson Vick.

Eugenia arrives on the steps of the palace, but there is no one to carry her luggage up the stairs. Indignant, she sings an aria about how she’s far too Aristocratic to carry her own luggage up the stairs, and that she has half a mind to turn around and go straight home again! The best part is the coloratura at the end of the song where she cascades up the vocal scales and then down the scales, indicating where she wants to be (the top of the steps) by singing the ascending scales,  and indicating the place she actually is (the bottom of the steps) by singing descending scales. It’s all very funny. If you want to listen to it, here’s a link to a youtube video featuring the song that somebody uploaded AND it features a fancy picture of a wedding cake for some reason! OH boy!

When I started to design Eugenia, my inspiration came from my recollection of two characters from my brother’s Manga, Miss Doublefinger and Miss Merry Christmas from Baroque Works in the Manga “One Piece”. If I can make someone look like they could be a “One Piece” villain, I consider it a job well done.

First, my Eugenia costume Sketch. Next, two "One Piece" villains -- the inspiration of Eugenia -- Miss Doublefinger and Miss Merry Christmas

In the following pictures of Eugenia’s costume, Elizabeth models the outfit. In these pictures the hat had been taken apart and there are no hoops in the skirt.

Elizabeth models the Eugenia outfit.

The jacket to this outfit is made out of a purple suiting fabric. It is boned with steel. It has split sleeves held together with jeweled buttons. The split sleeve is a medieval technique.

Front and Back.

The blouse and skirt are made out of black polyester, and carry more static than anything I’ve ever worked with. It’s like a walking electrical supply station. The skirt looks over-sized because it’s supposed to have hoops, but my hoops were out-of-order at the time this picture was taken.

Sleeve Detail. The sleeves are split and held together with buttons in a medieval style.

In the actual Mozart photo, you can see that Eugenia wears a hat with a silver Ibex and Quail feathers.  The hat is a Halloween store top-hat that has been covered by pleated fabric. The Ibex head is mounted to a belt buckle, which is pinned to the hat band. She also wears purple “John Lennon” glasses from a Halloween store.

You will also see that she wears a neck scarf with a jewel and black gloves.

So that’s Eugenia’s costume!

I leave you with a funny picture of Elizabeth!

Tha's one Bewildered Steampunk. Elizabeth models the Eugenia outfit for my Etsy shop.


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