One Delightful Day – April 2nd (Mitridate)

3 Apr

On April 1st, I traveled to Missoula to work on my Mitridate photos with Lizzie.

Lizzie was feeling unwell when I arrived (from what I can only assume is over-work — she hasn’t had a break since August!) but after some of her rehearsals, things settled down, and we downloaded Schmoyoho‘s Songify App and had a good deal of fun singing into her iphone and getting automatically pitch-corrected and placed into different songs.

April 2nd was the photo shoot with Gus and Adrienne. The two models knew each other, and turned out to be old friends, which was a fun last minute surprise.

Adrienne and Gus.

Gus is a lively gentleman with a billowy white beard and long white hair, which is exactly how I pictured the Tyrant King, Mitridate, from Mozart’s opera. Lizzie gave him dark, threatening eyes, and curled his hair (a bit like going to a Pirate prom!)

Lizzie styles Gus's hair.

Adrienne played the historical monarch’s wife and bodyguard, Hypsicratea, who was a regal and powerful woman, and I thought Adrienne was perfect. Lizzie did the hair and make-up in a bold and powerful style. I created a large head-piece, or wig, in the Greek style for the character and it turned out really well. While getting ready Adrienne told me about her side business making custom swim-wear for fitness shows and models.

Lizzie attaches Adrienne's wig.

Because each of us had some connection to Gus through his delightful daughter, Nora, the conversation was pleasant and the atmosphere relaxed.

Mitridate on the cell phone?!?

Lizzie took on her usual role of light reflector, and she also modeled Mitridate’s helmet!

Lizzie as Mitridate, lookin' all spooky.

Gus brought his own sword to add to the costume, which was a nice addition.

Gus and Adrienne as the villains.

Together, Gus and Adrienne looked very imposing and regal, and I enjoyed working with them!

Gus as Mitridate, Me, Adrienne as Hypsicratea.

  • Follow Adrienne on Twitter
  • Read an Interview I did with Lizzie when she was working on an off-broadway play.
  • I describe the opera Mitridate in a previous post, if you’d like to read more.
  • The craft foam armor Mitridate wears is shown being made in a tutorial from my previous post.

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