My Photography in Dimension Magazine

16 Nov

My work was recently featured in Dimension Magazine. This time I covered all these guys in glitter and flowers, and told them to look grumpy. Like wet cats.

Roman, with a bad attitude because he hates wearing flowers. He’s not just acting. He really does hate wearing flowers. Ask him.

I worked with four models. Roman, part of the music duo “Clark & Candles“, returns once again, and looks pretty amazing, but I think he likes these images the least of all the shots we’ve ever done. It must be the glitter.

My friend Lizzie says that glitter is like the Herpes of the crafting world.

It’s very difficult to get rid of.

It’s actually still stuck to the wall wherever these guys leaned on it. Won’t come off.

Arri Lund. Arri doesn’t seem to mind wearing flowers as much.

I also worked with Arri, who was a part of my Steampunk pictures which were featured in Dark Beauty Magazine in July. Arri just sort of blends in with whatever style you put him in, even big floral jewelry.

The Jewelry is all hand made by myself and multi-media artist Jamie Vowell. It is a mix of hand made silk flowers and upcycled, recycled and broken vintage jewelry parts.

Jacob Federspiel-Smith with big hair and statement jewelry.

I did all the hair and make-up myself, and the most complicated was Jake’s hair. I had to make it poofy on the top. I’ve wanted to do this to Jake’s hair for years.


I met Xak on this photo shoot, and now he and I are working on all sorts of projects together!  Xak is an artist, too, as well as a musician. So, we’ve been working together on lots of high concept photos and even a big music project that I hope to share with you soon!

Xak, flipping us off.

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If you would like to see more of these images, please visit Dimension Magazine. You can also like their Facebook page if you want to receive their updates!

The Cover to Dimension Magazine featuring Arri.


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