La Betulia Liberata – The Photos

1 Apr

I would like to share the first of my finished Mozart photos with you, “La Betulia Liberata”! Based on the apocryphal book of “Judith”, Mozart’s Oratorio, “La Betulia Liberata” is a dark and beautiful work that I highly recommend.

The evil general, Holofernes, has trapped the people of Betulia within their walled fortress in order to starve them out.

Judith, the Widow of Manasses, decides to do something about it. She dresses in her finest garments and heads out to the enemy camp.

The Widow of Manasses.

The Widow of Manasses. By Tyson Vick.

One of the allies of the evil Holofernes, Prince Achior, warns him that the God of the Jewish people has a history of being very powerful. This enrages Holofernes, who ties the Prince to a tree, and leaves him to die. Hoping that if the elements don’t kill him, the Betulian patrol will. However, the Betulian’s rescue him and take him in.

La Betulia Liberata, Act 1

La Betulia Liberata, Act 1. By Tyson Vick.

Meanwhile, Judith goes to the enemy camp and pretends to seduce Holofernes, plying him with wine until his wasted out of his mind. Then she takes his sword, cuts off his head, and returns home, revealing the triumph to the people of Betulia, who disbelieve her story.

La Betulia Liberata, Act 2

La Betulia Liberata, Act 2. By Tyson Vick.

The enemy, finding their leader slain, think the Betulians have snuck up on them in the night, and they begin to fight amongst themselves, until they have destroyed each other, leaving Judith Triumphant.

Judith, Triumphant

Judith, Triumphant. By Tyson Vick.

You can read more about the making of these photos here.



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