Adding New Clothes in My Etsy Shop From Past Shoots

15 May

I am currently in the process of listing some of my costumes in my Etsy shop!

Here you can see the finished gown, which looks more tailored than most Cranach style gowns, which was the effect I was going for. I also include a close up of the slashed sleeves.

My Cranach style gown is now available for purchase on Etsy!.

When I make a costume for a shoot, there are some I keep and some I sell. I have been unable to list my costumes for sale for about a year, and now I am starting to get some up online. You’ll find a lot of very different Pirate shirts, a few pirate vests, and hopefully I will get some dresses up there soon, as well!

Crumpled Steampunk newsboy cap.

I have also gathered a few strange pieces here and there, like the antique wool bodice which is very cool looking but in poor condition. I thought someone may be able to do something with it.

Antique Brown wool bodice in rough shape.

Many of these men’s shirts appear in my Mozart Project.

Pirate-y style! Arggh!

These pirate sleeves have a lot of fabric!

White Peasant style shirt.

The drapey fabric looks great in photos. You’ll find the one below in my Don Giovanni image.

White rayon pirate shirt with a lot of drape from my Don Giovanni shoot.

I also had a mad idea to make an awesome cheesecloth shirt, but never got around to using it.

Awesome blue cheesecloth fantasy shirt that I never got around to using.

The following shirt is from the Don Giovanni shots as well.

White Damask print shirt from my Don Giovanni shoot.

Hopefully I’ll get some dresses up on Etsy soon, too!

  • Visit my Etsy Store to purchase some of my costumes!

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