Mozart Reimagined – Le Nozze di Figaro

26 Aug

Mozart Reimagined by Tyson Vick will feature photos illustrating Mozart’s “Le Nozze di Figaro”, my favorite Mozart opera, and the chapter featuring the most photos and the most personal anecdotes in the text.

Mozart Reimagined features seven photos by Tyson Vick illustrating the opera Le Nozze di Figaro

Mozart Reimagined features seven photos by Tyson Vick illustrating the opera Le Nozze di Figaro

Mozart Reimagined showcases nearly 100 photos that bring to life Mozart’s operas through photography. I spent a decade building props and sets, meeting models and photographing across the country to showcase what Mozart’s music has meant to me. The book also features essays written about each opera from my own unique perspective. The book humorously points out plot-holes, gives insight into past and present performances, recites a little bit of History and overflows with my own passion for the music of Mozart.

Here’s an excerpt from the book which accompanies the Le Nozze di Figaro pictures:

“The Marriage of Figaro is the play that opened my mind to forgiveness, my ears to music and my heart to joy. This is where my passion for this photography project came from.
It began with Riconosci in questo amplesso (Dearest son, in this embrace Recognise your mother). This is an ensemble where Figaro discovers who his parents are. The song is mostly a set-piece of comedic moments, but it features a unique moment of pathos where Figaro says “This is my mother, she’ll say so herself, and This is my father, he’ll say so himself.” The whole song has been funny up until that point, and those lines have already come and gone separately, but when put one after the other, the music seems to say that Figaro has been fulfilled, that what was lost was found, that what was broken has been fixed – he’s found his wife, his mother, his father and his family — and the four characters’ voices flutter away, like leaves on a breeze, into a hymn of love, leaving the other characters separate, apart.
At the time my mother was suffering from depression and my father had been growing more and more disappointed with me and began calling me “worthless” and “useless.” This scene in the opera meant so much to me as a young man, because that was a feeling that I had longed for — to be loved and accepted by my parents – no matter what evils had gone on between us, just like Figaro and his parents. The first time I had ever felt that feeling was possible thanks to Mozart’s music. I knew, then, that there was more to be found in opera, and more to life.
In the end, I did actually experience that feeling of love and acceptance with my parents, after much struggle and healing, my father apologized and made things right; my mother found help, and we reunited and it was everything Mozart said it would be! (And let the Count burst with our happiness!)”


Most of the models in this set are close friends and family members. You can see some behind-the-scenes shots here.

You can also get some in-depth costuming info here, from fabric to garment here, and wig styling here.

I’m going to be giving you a preview of photos from every chapter of Mozart Reimagined over the next month, and then it will be time for pre-orders. I will be launching pre-orders on Kickstarter on September 14th, 2015! Until then, I wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the photos and excerpts from the book so you can see what’s in store! Subscribe to the blog for every update, or check back on September 14th for the launch of the book.


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