Mozart Reimagined – Cosi Fan Tutte

31 Aug

Mozart Reimagined by Tyson Vick will feature photos illustrating Mozart’s “Cosi Fan Tutte”, a olden-timey romantic comedy.

Mozart Reimagined features five photos by Tyson Vick illustrating the opera Cosi Fan Tutte

Mozart Reimagined features five photos by Tyson Vick illustrating the opera Cosi Fan Tutte

Mozart Reimagined showcases nearly 100 photos that bring to life Mozart’s operas through photography. I spent a decade building props and sets, meeting models and photographing across the country to showcase what Mozart’s music has meant to me. The book also features essays written about each opera from my own unique perspective. The book humorously points out plot-holes, gives insight into past and present performances, recites a little bit of History and overflows with my own passion for the music of Mozart.


Here’s an excerpt from the book which accompanies the Cosi Fan Tutte pictures:

“The opera is unique in that while it’s a comedy, by the end (and I’m talking about the play itself here, not any particular production) nothing is really that funny anymore. The misogyny is pretty rampant, and even now, after years of hanging out with it, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be taken at face value or if it’s meant to be seen as satirical. After turning gender and rank on its head in Figaro and Don Giovanni, the ending of Cosi Fan Tutte seems calculated to raise some eyebrows.
The story follows two young boys who are in love with two sisters. An older philosopher named Don Alfonso tells the boys that, “The Fidelity of women is like the Arabian Phoenix, everyone swears it exists, but no one has ever seen it.” Essentially, he is saying that women are incapable of staying true to men. The boys take offense to this. So, like any good teen comedy, they make a bet. In order to prove that their girlfriends are the embodiment of fidelity, they will do anything Don Alfonso tells them to do in an attempt to trick their girlfriends into cheating on them. If the girls remain faithful, the boys win the money, and if the girls cheat, Don Alfonso gets the money.”


Cosi Fan Tutte, Act 1 by Tyson Vick

Cosi Fan Tutte, Act 1 by Tyson Vick

Learn more about all of the costumes from this shoot here.

I’m going to be giving you a preview of photos from every chapter of Mozart Reimagined over the next month, and then it will be time for pre-orders. I will be launching pre-orders on Kickstarter on September 14th, 2015! Until then, I wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the photos and excerpts from the book so you can see what’s in store! Subscribe to the blog for every update, or check back on September 14th for the launch of the book.


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