You can help decide the future of One Delightful Day!

7 Nov

I started this blog a few years back to share the progress on my book Mozart Reimagined, which took a decade to produce. I have shared my costuming, both Historical and Fantastical, I have shared my propmaking and photoshop techniques, I have shared my storefront on Etsy, and I have even shared the experience I had costuming an actual Mozart opera on stage! But now that Mozart Reimainged is finished, this blog is likely to only have very few posts a year!

That’s where you come in. I want your feedback, and it is very important to me! You can help me decide the future of the blog One Delightful Day!

  1. Do you think the blog should remain as it is, only talking about the creation of Mozart Reimagined? 
    • There will be very few updates from here on out, mainly focusing on Mozart, sales and coupons for the book, updates on where the book goes from here.
  2. Do you think I should start sharing information on all my projects, costuming, photography and upcoming photo books?
    • Updates will continue well into the future focusing on the props and costumes I make for my photo projects.
    • The blog will hopefully be structured by project. So a few months or years of one book, then a focus on another book. However I do work on numerous projects at once, and hope this wouldn’t get confusing if some overlap.
    • Photos will have the potential to be more sexy, less child friendly, than what appear in Mozart Reimagined.
    • There will be more monsters.
    • My immediate goal is to create Fairy Tale Fashion — fashions based on Fairy Tales which allow for both Historical and Fantastical costuming

Please, please, participate in this survey so I can have your feedback! The survey is below:


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