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UPDATE – First Draft Finished

2 May
La Finta Semplice Title, by Tyson Vick. Model: Nora Gustuson

La Finta Semplice Title, by Tyson Vick. Model: Nora Gustuson

The first draft of the text to my photo book is complete. If you are, or know, a Mozartian in Academia who might be interested in reading my book and doing a fact check on the information I’ve written, please let me know. I hope to start doing the layout of the book in the next month or so. The book features one short essay on every opera Mozart set to music, and is from the perspective of a fan-boy rather than a scholar — but I’d still like all the facts to be correct! You can expect some humorous observations, anecdotes about the operas and quotes from Mozart about the music!

New Posts Every Monday!

27 Sep

After a long hiatus from this project due to my father’s death, and my continued work on my other fashion book project A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters, I will be coming back to this blog more consistently. I will be posting on One Delightful Day once a week from now until I run out of costumes.

Die Schuldigkeit des Ersten Gebots, Act 1 by Tyson Vick

Die Schuldigkeit des Ersten Gebots, Act 1 by Tyson Vick

Hopefully, I will be doing this for as long as it takes for my Mozart Photography book to come out! Because the photos and writing are in their final stages. I only have a few more things to add to the text before it gets sent off for a round of proof-reading and fact checking, and I have purchased a recording of Don Giovanni to help me get a better perspective (I’ve only ever seen and heard it, never read it.)

Don Giovanni Act Two, by Tyson Vick

Don Giovanni Act Two, by Tyson Vick

My father was very proud of my work on this project. It was his motto, “practice your craft”, and he enjoyed watching how I excelled by leaps and bounds by challenging myself in photography, costuming and business. It was my father who motivated me, helped me, and I must be completely honest, funded this project. I will finish it in his memory and I hope you will join me!

Mitridate Act One by Tyson Vick.

Mitridate Act One by Tyson Vick.

I would like to ask all of my readers to subscribe to this blog, as well. The posts will come straight to your inbox, and you will be able to see every costume and every updated from here on out! I have put the subscribe box at the top of the sidebar for ease.

Die Zauberflote, Act 2 by Tyson Vick

Die Zauberflote, Act 2 by Tyson Vick

I started this project Ten Years ago, and I can’t wait to bring the finished book to you guys!  Thanks for following along so far!

Adding New Clothes in My Etsy Shop From Past Shoots

15 May

I am currently in the process of listing some of my costumes in my Etsy shop!

Here you can see the finished gown, which looks more tailored than most Cranach style gowns, which was the effect I was going for. I also include a close up of the slashed sleeves.

My Cranach style gown is now available for purchase on Etsy!.

When I make a costume for a shoot, there are some I keep and some I sell. I have been unable to list my costumes for sale for about a year, and now I am starting to get some up online. You’ll find a lot of very different Pirate shirts, a few pirate vests, and hopefully I will get some dresses up there soon, as well!

Crumpled Steampunk newsboy cap.

I have also gathered a few strange pieces here and there, like the antique wool bodice which is very cool looking but in poor condition. I thought someone may be able to do something with it.

Antique Brown wool bodice in rough shape.

Many of these men’s shirts appear in my Mozart Project.

Pirate-y style! Arggh!

These pirate sleeves have a lot of fabric!

White Peasant style shirt.

The drapey fabric looks great in photos. You’ll find the one below in my Don Giovanni image.

White rayon pirate shirt with a lot of drape from my Don Giovanni shoot.

I also had a mad idea to make an awesome cheesecloth shirt, but never got around to using it.

Awesome blue cheesecloth fantasy shirt that I never got around to using.

The following shirt is from the Don Giovanni shots as well.

White Damask print shirt from my Don Giovanni shoot.

Hopefully I’ll get some dresses up on Etsy soon, too!

  • Visit my Etsy Store to purchase some of my costumes!

My Next Project – A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters!

18 Oct

My Mozart Project is close to completion. I have one photo left to take and a dozen left to edit. While I work on these, I am starting a new project with blogger Alisa Kester!

In 2012, Alisa and I worked together on a steampunk photoshoot for Dark Beauty Magazine. We decided to work together again using Alisa’s new Steampunk Monster costumes. But the more we talked about it, the more we thought it would be fun to create a Steampunk book instead.

Tyson Vick and Alisa Kester's photo for Dark Beauty Magazine.

Tyson Vick and Alisa Kester’s photo for Dark Beauty Magazine.

This book will feature a lady adventurer named Philomena Dashwood who is invited on a Monster Hunting Tour which travels the entire globe. During her trip she keeps a diary about her exploits as she encounters Vampires, Zombies, Mummies, Werewolves, Ghosts, etc.. as well as numerous handsome young suitors! Imagine Jane Austen meets Scooby Doo – but with real monsters, of course! You can read the first chapter here!

Steampunk Ottoman costume by Alisa Kester, Photo by Tyson Vick

Steampunk Ottoman costume by Alisa Kester, Photo by Tyson Vick

“The Steampunk Ladies’ Guide to Hunting Monsters” will be half fashion spread, half narrative fiction. Each chapter will be divided by monster and will feature both a full photographic illustration of a scene from the chapter as well as numerous tin-type/daguerreotype photos of the people and monsters the heroine meets. Accompanying these pictures will be journal entries, news clippings, telegrams, love notes etc.

We are starting a Kickstarter Fundraiser to help us raise money to make our book and would be so happy to have you take a look or share this fundraiser! It only lasts until November 15th, and we only get funded if we reach our goal!

We would love to have you participate! Visit our blog!

On Passing

23 Jul

On the morning of Memorial Day 2012 I was headed to my Father’s house for a visit. We had planned to see Star Trek, watch Arrested Development Season 4, and create some props and things for my next photos. By the time I arrived, my father had killed himself.

He was sick and he was tired, and he did not want to live any longer.

We had no “unfinished business”, “words unspoken” or “pent up anger” or anything that usually exists between parents and their children — which makes his death easier to bear.

He always supported me. He always supported my art. He never got to see me succeed, and he never will.

Essentially, I am an airplane that has lost one of its wings.

Now, as the executor of the estate I am stuck here working on closing accounts, selling all of my father’s earthly goods, the house, and paying bills with the help of whichever faithful friend I can summon to my aid.

I would like to thank my friends for their show of support. My friend Roman has come to help me run the estate for July, but I am worried that I will not be able to finish things alone when he leaves. I have only been allowed to grieve the way I need to by my friend Trevor, and I am worried that by the time my work here is done, and I am allowed to grieve, that everyone else’s sympathy will be spent, all their tears cried, and me left alone.

I have two Mozart Photos left to take to finish this project which my father supported, participated in and practically paid for. I hope that I can finish to honor his memory.

My most recent publication from Dark Beauty’s Steampunk Issue. My father created the ships fighting in the background. Costumes by Alisa Kester.

My Photography in Dimension Magazine

16 Nov

My work was recently featured in Dimension Magazine. This time I covered all these guys in glitter and flowers, and told them to look grumpy. Like wet cats.

Roman, with a bad attitude because he hates wearing flowers. He’s not just acting. He really does hate wearing flowers. Ask him.

I worked with four models. Roman, part of the music duo “Clark & Candles“, returns once again, and looks pretty amazing, but I think he likes these images the least of all the shots we’ve ever done. It must be the glitter.

My friend Lizzie says that glitter is like the Herpes of the crafting world.

It’s very difficult to get rid of.

It’s actually still stuck to the wall wherever these guys leaned on it. Won’t come off.

Arri Lund. Arri doesn’t seem to mind wearing flowers as much.

I also worked with Arri, who was a part of my Steampunk pictures which were featured in Dark Beauty Magazine in July. Arri just sort of blends in with whatever style you put him in, even big floral jewelry.

The Jewelry is all hand made by myself and multi-media artist Jamie Vowell. It is a mix of hand made silk flowers and upcycled, recycled and broken vintage jewelry parts.

Jacob Federspiel-Smith with big hair and statement jewelry.

I did all the hair and make-up myself, and the most complicated was Jake’s hair. I had to make it poofy on the top. I’ve wanted to do this to Jake’s hair for years.


I met Xak on this photo shoot, and now he and I are working on all sorts of projects together!  Xak is an artist, too, as well as a musician. So, we’ve been working together on lots of high concept photos and even a big music project that I hope to share with you soon!

Xak, flipping us off.

If you would like to get updates on all my photography work, please feel free to like me on Facebook!


If you would like to see more of these images, please visit Dimension Magazine. You can also like their Facebook page if you want to receive their updates!

The Cover to Dimension Magazine featuring Arri.

My Photography in Dark Beauty Magazine, 2nd Annual Steampunk Edition

1 Jul

Hello everybody! I have some more fun news! This month, I have an 8 page editorial in “Dark Beauty Magazine“!

The special thing about this magazine is that it is a Steampunk Special Edition with 120 pages of photography featuring Steampunk clothing, accessories, masks (by Tom Banwell) and hats (By the very talented Topsy-Turvy Designs)!

My spread features clothing and accessories created by my shop One Delightful Day on Etsy.!

Alternate “Dark Beauty” Cover by Tyson Vick

The model is my good friend Arri. We did this shoot a while back, trying to emulate the style of the old Victorian portraits and theater Photographs. I wanted to keep the Steampunk understated, and go big on the hair. Arri sports three different hairstyles, and each time we were done, he had to completely wash his hair out to re-set it (Click for pics).

He appears as a Gentleman (below), a sort of pantomime Villain (Plotting in the image above), shirtless while sporting various Steampunk accessories (Even further down), and an old-timey boxer.

“Agent” Editorial by Tyson Vick. All the clothes in this spread were made by me!

Elizabeth at Blush helped with the make-up before the shoot started, and I’m sure she was thankful not to have to stick around for any of the shoot, because it lasted 12 hours! It was a pretty amazing length of time for a photo shoot! Arri wanted to plow on through, and keep trying new things — and also not eat in case it effected his physique. We got some cool images out of it!

Now, I can’t show you all of the images right this moment, but I hope to release more as the month progresses! Here’s one more:

“Agent” Editorial by Tyson Vick, page one. Dark Beauty Magazine.

If you want to purchase a copy, you can visit Dark Beauty’s issue site.

If you want to keep updated on these photos and more, please feel free to like my Facebook Page!

Thanks for all of your support, guys! Until next time!

Dark Beauty Magazine Cover, 2nd Annual Steampunk Edition. Click to visit the shop!



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