Here are some of the blogs I visit.

Lauren, creator of the American Duchess Historical Shoe store, keeps a blog about the History of fashion. She creates garments that span hundreds of years and shares her many adventures in costuming and shoe making.

Do you like Simplicity sewing patterns? Well, this is the blog of the woman who designs them. She teaches you tips and tricks with her vast knowledge. She shows previews and the making-of process of every pattern she creates for the company.

Angela Clayton makes clothing that fits. She has a remarkable skill for drafting patterns and choosing classy and stylish designs whether she makes a Historical garment or cosplay piece.

Alisa is a historical and fantastical costumer. Rather than re-create history, or make something that his been made before, she designs and produces one-of-a-kind garments, and is truly an inspiration, as she has what I believe is the most important quality of a fashion designer, imagination.

A costuming blog by Kendra Van Cleave who documents her costuming endeavors, with insightful instructions, descriptions and discovers about period garments.

The official blog of Gladys Love, author of “Embellish With Anything” (one of my recommended books).

A Tumblr blog featuring hundreds of images of historical hats.

Myra keeps us updated on her creation of unique and amazing hair accessories.


Here are some tutorials on creating certain unique styles of costumes.

Tutorial on how to create a traditional Dhoti Wrap.

Tutorial on creating traditional pleated Japanese pants.

How to make Craft Foam Armor that looks like metal.


Where I Buy Stuff Online

A store that stocks all corset making supplies: Busks, Boning, Eyelets, Lacing.

An Ebay store that sells a large variety of trims, applique, closures and frogs.

Shikha’s shop for Sari’s, Shot Silks, Indian Trims and unique fabric fat quarters.

A shop that creates high quality, functional armor.

A guide to the most trustworthy sites to buying prop, reproduction and functional swords and arms online. Please check this guide if you are shopping for swords or arms online, there are many scam and badly run sword selling websites out there.

Clearance and inexpensive prop and reproduction swords. I have bought five or six swords from this shop without any trouble.

A website for purchasing numerous, multi-colored, different length wigs.


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