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My Photography in Dark Beauty Magazine, 2nd Annual Steampunk Edition

1 Jul

Hello everybody! I have some more fun news! This month, I have an 8 page editorial in “Dark Beauty Magazine“!

The special thing about this magazine is that it is a Steampunk Special Edition with 120 pages of photography featuring Steampunk clothing, accessories, masks (by Tom Banwell) and hats (By the very talented Topsy-Turvy Designs)!

My spread features clothing and accessories created by my shop One Delightful Day on Etsy.!

Alternate “Dark Beauty” Cover by Tyson Vick

The model is my good friend Arri. We did this shoot a while back, trying to emulate the style of the old Victorian portraits and theater Photographs. I wanted to keep the Steampunk understated, and go big on the hair. Arri sports three different hairstyles, and each time we were done, he had to completely wash his hair out to re-set it (Click for pics).

He appears as a Gentleman (below), a sort of pantomime Villain (Plotting in the image above), shirtless while sporting various Steampunk accessories (Even further down), and an old-timey boxer.

“Agent” Editorial by Tyson Vick. All the clothes in this spread were made by me!

Elizabeth at Blush helped with the make-up before the shoot started, and I’m sure she was thankful not to have to stick around for any of the shoot, because it lasted 12 hours! It was a pretty amazing length of time for a photo shoot! Arri wanted to plow on through, and keep trying new things — and also not eat in case it effected his physique. We got some cool images out of it!

Now, I can’t show you all of the images right this moment, but I hope to release more as the month progresses! Here’s one more:

“Agent” Editorial by Tyson Vick, page one. Dark Beauty Magazine.

If you want to purchase a copy, you can visit Dark Beauty’s issue site.

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Thanks for all of your support, guys! Until next time!

Dark Beauty Magazine Cover, 2nd Annual Steampunk Edition. Click to visit the shop!