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Mozart Reimagined – Thamos

17 Aug

Mozart Reimagined by Tyson Vick will feature photos illustrating a play called Thamos for which Mozart wrote Incidental music and vocal music.

Mozart Reimagined features five photos by Tyson Vick illustrating the play Thamos

Mozart Reimagined features five photos by Tyson Vick illustrating the play Thamos

Mozart Reimagined showcases nearly 100 photos that bring to life Mozart’s operas through photography. I spent a decade building props and sets, meeting models and photographing across the country to showcase what Mozart’s music has meant to me. The book also features essays written about each opera from my own unique perspective. The book humorously points out plot-holes, gives insight into past and present performances, recites a little bit of History and overflows with my own passion for the music of Mozart.

Here’s an excerpt from the book which accompanies the Thamos pictures:

“There are seven musical movements in the Thamos score. Mozart wrote numerous interludes (entr’actes) and choruses. I can say with certainty that each of the Thamos interludes describes, musically, the proceedings in the scenes that follow. Oftentimes so much so, that it could work flawlessly as a film score, perfectly underlying the dialogue. This would only be possible with the fast edits of the cinema because on stage things happen more slowly. I find it amazing how closely linked this style of music is to the modern film score. Mozart seems to be dabbling in a precursor to the Wagnerian style, aptly describing drama through orchestral music.”

Thamos, Act 1 by Tyson Vick

Thamos, Act 1 by Tyson Vick

This set features numerous models including the amazingly talented musician Patrick Dwyer who also has a fun Youtube page!

You can look at the Thamos costume in closer detail here.

I’m going to be giving you a preview of photos from every chapter of Mozart Reimagined over the next month, and then it will be time for pre-orders. I will be launching pre-orders on Kickstarter on September 14th, 2015! Until then, I wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the photos and excerpts from the book so you can see what’s in store! Subscribe to the blog for every update, or check back on September 14th for the launch of the book.

Thamos – King of Egypt Costume

22 Dec

Mozart wrote incidental music, which is similar to the music you’d find in a film score, for a play called Thamos which is set in Egypt. The costume I made for the King of Egypt combines numerous Rococo and Egyptian fashion ideas.


Basically Thamos wears a Rococo waistcoat in the traditional Egyptian royalty color of white.

An outtake of Thamos in full costume.

An outtake of Thamos in full costume.

The upper part of the vest is decorated to reflect the linen wrappings found on mummies, but instead of Linen everything in this costume is made out of silk to hearken back to the Rococo when the play was written. Yes, I built the hat, too.

The costume is a mummy themed Rococo waistcoat.

The costume is a mummy themed Rococo waistcoat.

I made the vest slightly smaller than the model to make the front open to reveal the faux tattoo which I drew on him for the images.

The details on the collar are meant to look like linen wrappings.

The details on the collar are meant to look like linen wrappings.

The lining is a white brocade, but as a sneaky detail I added beaded lace to the inner collar. I just thought that having a little something that makes you wonder what’s going on in there would be fun. And unlike my early costumes, this attention to a detail near the face ensures that you can make it out in the final image! Woo!

The inner collar features beaded lace, which you only catch glimpses of.

The inner collar features beaded lace, which you only catch glimpses of.

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One Delightful Week! (June 2011)

19 Jun

Roman and I have returned from our trip to LA to take some Mozart Photos, and so I’d like to share some of the photos from our adventure!


June 9

On June 9th, Roman and I left Montana and drove to Layton Utah to stay over night.

Roman and I leaving Bozeman for LA.

In Utah we played some games with my good friends, The Bakers (A family of Nine Children). We also were told a Joke by Kendra’s four year old, Ewan.

Ewan: Do you want to hear a joke?

Roman: Yeah.

Ewan: Obama.


June 10

On June 10th we finished our drive to Los Angeles. We passed by Las Vegas, and Roman took some photos out the window:

Caesar's Palace on the Way Past Las Vegas

We stayed in Los Angeles with my friend Jadi who loves to be a part of my artistic endeavors. She has done hair and make-up styling for my Mozart Photos for many years, and she has modeled in quite a few as well!


June 11

On June 11th, Roman and I went shopping and got him some cool clothes. Then we went to In-and-Out Burger.


June 12

On June 12th we did our first photo shoot for Thamos, King of Egypt.

Roman posin' for the camera set-up.

In the Morning, Roman helped me set up the backdrop (about a thousand times, because the tacks kept falling out), while Jadi got ready to do hair and make-up.

Roman does a test shot in front of the back-drop.

The models, Miguel, Nola and Summer came and got photographed, however we had one model drop out, and we couldn’t find a replacement. I decided to try some post production techniques which might solve the issue, but we won’t know until I get to editing.

Nola, Summer and I shooting some images for Thamos.

After Miguel and Nola had finished their shots, we worked with Summer alone in a costume change.

Roman holds up the reflector board to symbolize the sun rising on Summer who is modeling as the Queen of Egypt.


June 13

On June 13th, we took Roman on his first subway ride. Jadi drove us to a parking lot where we got on the subway and rode down to Chinatown to look around.

Roman and Jadi pay the parking meter. Then, we took Roman for his first subway ride!

The subway starts underground, but then you come above ground to get to Chinatown.

Roman's first time on a subway!

Jadi and Roman liked to make jokes while waiting for the subway, and there was a lot of laughter for the entire trip.

Roman and Jadi at the Subway stop.

We briefly walked around Chinatown, and then went to eat at a Dim-Sum restaurant.

Roman in Chinatown next to a Scary Dragon.

At the restaurant, Roman was overwhelmed by the quick service, and chose some fried shrimp to eat. He picked up a shrimp and was startled to see it looking back at him, and threw it back down. Then, he tried his hand at using chopsticks (honestly, it’s a pretty sad sight), and while peeling a shrimp to remove its eyes, it popped off his plate, flew clear across the table and directly into Jadi’s tea-cup the moment she started pouring herself a glass.

Roman's first time eating shrimp eyes using chopsticks resulted in this. A shrimp flew across the table into Jadi's tea while she was pouring it.

Then, Jadi took us to a fountain to make wishes and throw in coins.

Roman and Jadi in Chinatown

Roman inducted Jadi into Team Awesome. I think once he gets enough members, we might have a play-off like the NBA or something.

(Whispers) Team Awesome!

Then Jadi went to work, and Roman and I went to visit the Hollywood Sign.

Me (Top) and Roman (Bottom) at the Hollywood Sign.


June 14

On June 14th, we had our second photo shoot for “Der Stein der Weisen”.  Our friend Katie stepped in at the last minute (taking off work) to fill in for another model.

Jadi prepares Katie's hair for the shoot.

Zaden modeled as the character Nadir, and we all got in my tiny car and drove out to a canyon near Malibu to take some photos.


The shoot was a fantasy style shoot with costumes based off of video games like Final Fantasy. In the picture below you can almost see Zaden’s cat hat.

Here I am photographing a "Der Stein Der Weisen" picture. The costumes were influenced by video games like Final Fantasy and Magna Carta.

Katie and Zaden were very fun to work with!

Zaden, Me and Katie


June 15

On June 15th, I bought around a hundred dollars worth of pastries, and we went to Candice’s house to prepare for and shoot photos for Don Giovanni.

There were six models in this shoot, including Roman.

Here's a shot of the Don Giovanni set-up with everyone getting ready. It looks like I'm picking the Zanni's nose! (on couch) Jon, Danica, Joshua, Krista, Candice (on ground) the back of my head and Roman in a mask.

The scene that I chose to illustrate was from the party near the end of Don Giovanni, where the players play popular tunes and Leporello tries to sneak food without Don Giovanni noticing.

Here's a shot of Don Giovanni and his ladies taken while I was shooting.

Everybody at this shoot looked soooo good! The models were fantastic, and were styled by Jadi and her friend Molly who did all the big hair!

The Players and Don Giovanni model their outfits.

The shoot went fairly quickly, and everyone was very pleased with the results.


June 16

On June 16th Jadi, Roman and I went to Melrose to go shopping. Roman tried on some horrible pants.

Roman tries on Sexy Leather Pants on Melrose.

Then, we wandered around for a bit, saw a show at the Griffith Observatory, saw our old friend Samantha and went back to Jadi’s.


June 17

On June 17th, Jadi made us a big breakfast, and then Roman and I headed home.

We stopped at a fantastic outlet store just outside of Las Vegas, perhaps for a little longer than we should have, and arrived back at the Baker’s in Utah at 3am.


June 18th

Then we drove back to Montana after eating at Chik Fill-a.

It was a very nice trip! Jadi was a wonderful hostess, and Roman is a great traveling buddy and they are both such good friends and supportive of my artwork and the things that I do.  It was wonderful to spend a week with them.

Now, I will start to work on the post production and editing of the photos!

Some things I’m working on.

17 Mar

Here are some of the things I’m working on for my shoots in Los Angeles this Summer:

I’m making some Commedia Masks for the Players in Don Giovanni.

Columbina Mask for Don Giovanni

Columbina Mask for Don Giovanni

A dress intended for one of the players:

Barbier style dress for Don Giovanni

Barbier style dress for Don Giovanni

Working on some Trapunto pants for Nadir in Der Stein der Weisen:

Trapunto pants for Der Stein der Weisen

Building Trapunto pants for Der Stein der Weisen

The missing Queen from Thamos, Tharsis’s wig:

Tharsis wig for Thamos

Tharsis wig for Thamos

Nadine’s corset for Der Stein der Weisen:

Corset for Der Stein der Weisen

Corset for Der Stein der Weisen

These are just some of the things I’ve taken pictures of. I’m still going strong!